The things people who excessively sweat have in common

Sweating can impact your life more than you realise. For some people with excessive sweating, it may occur without any triggers. It may make no difference if they’re in a cool room and aren’t feeling any stress or anxiety. Excessive sweating commonly affects some or all of these areas: under the arms, hands, feet and face, making it hard to meet new people and conduct presentations. Here are some of the things people with excessive sweating have in common.

It’s embarrassing 

Living with hyperhidrosis can affect quality of life. It can be difficult to be an excessive sweater, and can be very embarrassing especially if it is very noticeable. People living with hyperhidrosis know they are sweating, and they know that everyone else can tell. This can be especially embarrassing if they are too worried to do the exercise they want, or even wear the clothes they want.

They might avoid wearing certain types of clothes

There’s certain colours that people living with hyperhidrosis might purely avoid because of the sweat marks that can appear on the clothes. White clothing with yellow sweat stains or the white outlines on black clothing can leave people too embarrassed, and this sometimes leads to avoiding these clothing items all together. People that excessively sweat also may avoid certain types of materials, as the material just isn’t breathable enough for all the sweat they produce.

They sometimes don’t do the things they want to

For people living with hyperhidrosis, some exercise activities like running on a hot day may be off the cards. This is because the sweat can sometimes be too overwhelming to handle and impact on their quality of life. People living with hyperhidrosis also may avoid packed areas like restaurants, concerts and may struggle on public transport.

If your sweating is impacting on your everyday life, there’s a chance you could have excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis. Excessively sweaty people can go through many embarrassing moments, but if you excessively sweat, you aren’t alone. If you think this is you, speak to your GP about your options.